The Monarch’s Tales: Behind the Scenes of Designer Luly Yang’s Couture Show

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Between New York Fashion Week and the impending Academy Awards, it seems as if everyone has fashion design on the mind. In Seattle, our own renowned designer Luly Yang has her fashion mind in motion as she puts together her next couture collection set to debut at her April 27 show - and we are already abuzz in anticipation.

Over the course of the next few months, Yang is giving us an exclusive inside peek at the collection as it falls into place, so stay tuned every other week as a new post takes you behind closed doors, from model fittings to the details of the design process.

First up: The concept.


After taking us to the ocean for her last couture show in 2010 (pictured above), plans for this year’s theme began all the way back in August as Yang gathered her team for the first concept meeting.

Yang’s first garment as a designer was a paper butterfly dress she crafted for a fashion show. The butterfly has circled in and out of Luly’s designs (one butterfly dress was used on stage at Teatro Zinzanni); now, after 10 years in business, the butterfly will have her moment again as the centerpiece of the 2012 collection, called “A Monarch’s Tale”. The many scenes at the runway show will follow the journey of the butterfly as she flits to exotic locations around the world and garments will be directly inspired by those settings.


With this in place, the storyboarding and fabric huntingbegins. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and learn how the Northwest's grand dame of style pulls off her magical and inspirational spring fashion show. Tickets will be on sale soon, so save the date for April 27.


Ocean photos courtesy of Team Photogenic; behind the scenes courtesy of Luly Yang Couture