Editorial Internship

Internships  run for 6 months, half days, five days a week in the office.

Opportunity awaits you as an editorial intern at Seattle magazine. Our interns gain hands-on experience working closely with top editors in an environment that is both creative and collaborative. As an intern, you will be an integral part of the team responsible for researching, writing and editing this premier monthly publication.

Enduring enthusiasm, curiosity and a love of the written word are essential prerequisites for the position. (Typing ability is a must). You will be called upon regularly to use your excellent verbal communication skills and to demonstrate a helpful attitude. Attention to detail, even a perverse obsession with it, will come in handy. No previous experience is necessary.

Interns help us bring up-and-coming trends home to the readers. Observing life in the city and on the street, interns will be part of the eyes, ears and feet of the magazine. You will work on a wide range of projects, from the glamorous to the granular. You will become familiar with the varied pace of a magazine's production schedule. No two internships are the same. To some extent, you will be given responsibilities based on your strengths and your initiative. Projects might include the following: proofreading articles, fact-checking stories, writing sidebars, researching writing assignments, conducting interviews and investigations, attending concerts and parties, reviewing restaurants, responding to queries, clipping and filing potential story leads, logging artwork, and mailing returns.


1. Download an internship application. If there are problems with the form, email Lisa Wogan, Seattle magazine Managing Editor at lisa.wogan@tigeroak.com

2. Cut and paste the questions into your own document, and return with your responses via email, along with your resume and writing samples.

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