First Warm Weather of the Year Freakout: It's Gonna Hit 70! What Will You Do?

Every year, when the first 70 degree day hits, Seattleites go completely bonkers. Swimming, boating and water skiing on Lake Washington, playing beach volleyball on the shores of Alki Beach in skimpy shorts and tank tops, and sunning themselves in patches of ardent green near Green Lake--it's all about to go down. If you're new to these parts, here's a tip: 70 Seattle degrees equals 90 anywhere-else degrees. Even Cliff Mass is getting into the spirit, saying on his blog on Wednesday that We Win the Spring Weekend Trifecta!

We here at Seattle mag aren't immune; we're quietly quivering with anticipation, praying this morning's rain was just the storm before the calm, hatching plans for how to maximize our Vitamin D consumption. And of course, planning last-minute barbecues, even if we'll need to layer on the fleece by the time the food hits the table (so what?)

Here's what we'll be doing to shake off winter and embrace spring/blazing summertime:

Managing Editor Kristen Russell's planning to "scrape the moss off of her barbecue" and cook up some rosemary steak, then hike Rattlesnake Ledge, near North Bend, which offers sweeping views across the Snoqualmie River Valley from a perch 1,000 feet up. Maybe she'll hit the Issaquah Saturday farmers market on the trip back, which starts up for the season this Saturday. Grilled asparagus is pretty darn tasty, Kristen!

Bond Huberman, our Online Editor, will be strolling through Pike Place Market (after a downtown haircut appointment) to, in her words, "get my piroshsky on." Then she'll be sipping house margaritas at her new favorite neighborhood spot, The Yard in Greenwood, which has a killer patio for sunny days. And then, because a friend is in from out of town, she'll probably hit up dinner somewhere near SLU, like Cuoco, "because our food editor recommends it" before heading off to a 90s dance party at LoFi.

I'll spend the weekend wishing I had a boat...again, and taking a long bike ride along Lake Washington Boulevard, hopping a ferry to a local island, playing with my kiddos at the park, walking my dog, hosting friends for a barbecue (salmon or lamb burgers?) and replanting my heirloom tomato starts, which are finally outgrowing their tiny seed starter kits. Most of all, I'm hoping to sneak over to Madrona to sip a glass of wine or a tawny port on Bottlehouse's sublime patio, nibbling on the best cheese plate in the city (it really is) under the stars (and the heat lamps).


What about you?