Superhero Phoenix Jones Scores a Nemesis, Rex Velvet

The Bob Rivers Show introduced Seattle to its "new and improved" super villain this morning: Rex Velvet.

Sporting a bad English accent and vague inclinations to nurture "evil" in the community, Velvet was soon unmasked and revealed to be a professional wedding photographer by day. That might explain his connections to some talented filmmakers. Here's the video he posted on YouTube yesterday:


"Rex Velvet" tried to bait Phoenix Jones into a "confrontation" on the air on Bob Rivers' radio show, but Jones wasn't having it.

Velvet's stunt seems a little ill-timed, considering the real havoc caused by so-called anarchists or the "Black Bloc" during May Day protests in downtown Seattle yesterday. On the other hand, the video is no less ridiculous than the fact that Phoenix Jones and his crew were seen downtown yesterday, attempting to "help" Seattle police.

Can't wait until the next installment in our Seattle superhero saga: perhaps it will reveal Jones' female counterpart, or that Velvet is actually Jones' father.

Phoenix Jones