Northwest Fashion Storms the Runway: Tickets Now on Sale for The Forecast

We writers and editors have a common complaint, “There aren’t enough pages!” Sometimes we just can’t fit the entirety of a story into the glossy pages of the magazine, and more often that not, we could fill volumes with ideas.

Thus was born our first-ever spring fashion show, The Forecast.

Our city, home to outdoor retail giants like REI, Eddie Bauer and Filson, is mecca for outdoorsy people who love to hike, bike, climb and explore, and often our garments reflect those passions. But look at the other side of the spectrum at the high fashion world, and you’ll soon notice the oh-so-Northwest nods- fisherman waders, chunky knits and even chic rainwear.

In our March issue, we explored what happens when these two worlds collide; the result is style that is powerful, local, chic and best of all, weatherproof.

But six pages just wouldn’t do it and now we’ve partnered with retailers and designers city-wide to create the most Seattle of shows, a unique blend of high style and outerwear cool together on one runway. Join us on March 14 to see The Forecast come to life.