November 2010

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Meat Lover's Guide

The best butchers, top steakhouses and bacon!

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Hayley Young
Deanna Duff
Radio host Dave Ross and Restaurateur Tom Douglas show their patriotism and democracy
Allison Austin Scheff
Chef Taichi Kitamura's dedication to local and seasonal seafood translates to Kappo Tamura playing w
Allison Austin Scheff
An utterly brilliant showcase for the nationally renowned chef Matt Dillon.
Brangien Davis, Allison Austin Scheff, Shannon O'Leary, Karen Johnson, Elizabeth Economou, Kate Calamusa, Sally James, Deanna Duff, Leslie Helm, John Levesque, Chris Winters, and Sharon Baker
From the arts to sports, from high tech to low profile, we single out those who had an impact on our
Grace Geiger and Lauren Lynch
If you appreciate a good steak, a thick chop, a juicy roasted chicken, this edition is what’s for di
Gene Juarez's James Todd adds a spirited twist to the Tom Ford skinny suit with pops of pattern
Our top shopping finds for the month
Kate Calamusa and Kavita Varma-White
Local News, Tips, and Products for Families
Anna Samuels
The founders of Seattle-based BuddyTV are intent on making TV watching social again
Laural Hobbes
Breakthroughs and news from the local geek crew