Online Stationer: Dear Uncle Stu

A peacock-lined envelope from Dear Uncle Stu

Self-proclaimed “vintage stationery junkie” Riani Townshend and lover of snail mail has opened Dear Uncle Stu, an online stationery shop inspired by a series of correspondences she had as a teenager with the elderly Col. Stuart Townshend.

Townshend offers a sophisticated assortment of embossed cards and beautifully lined envelopes in an array of vintage designs, from Japanese woodblock prints to satirical political cartoons (think Napoleon rather than Obama), as well as lovely botanical and travel images.

The Post Office may be threatening to stop Saturday mail delivery, but that doesn’t mean the art of letter writing is dead. This shop has a revisit of Griffin and Sabine written all over it.

Dear Uncle Stu is also available locally at Paper Hammer.