Our Foodie Friends Name 5 Favorite Hot Dogs in Seattle

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Not exactly sure why, but Independence Day kicks my hot dog craving into overdrive. Maybe it’s that these tube steaks are just so doggone American. (Even though, they originally came from Germany, like most sausages worth eating.)

In anticipation of the Fourth, I took a quick survey on Facebook and Twitter, asking for input on Seattle’s best hog dog spots and guess what came out on top? Costco. Even Restaurant Marche's chef Greg Atkinson says so. It’s sure hard to beat the price, right?

Well, my favorite – Dante’s roving carts – also showed up on the Top 5:

1. Costco, where $1.50 still buys you a dog and a drink. Bonus points for decent DIY condiments.

2. Grab a Seattle dog, slathered in cream cheese, at Dante’s. Sure do get a kick out of watching those sandwich artists at work.

3. Po Dog, with locations on Capitol Hill and in the U-District.

4. (tie) Matt’s on Marginal Way and the Mariner Dog at Safeco Field. (Though tons of fans fuel up at the cheap-o carts outside the ballpark.)

5. DIY! Go grab some wieners at Bavarian Meats or Rain Shadow or Uli’s. For the vegetarians in your crew take the fantastic Field Roast Frankfurters down to the grills around Lake Union for the Family Fourth and get fired up before the fireworks.

Would love for readers to weigh in with their picks!