Queen Anne's Newest Pizza Place: The Masonry

Leslie Kelly

Is Queen Anne a contender for the tasty title of Seattle’s Pizza Capital?

Considering that this 'hood is home to not one, but two Pagliacci places--one’s a take-out only spot on Aurora--as well as Via Tribunali, Elliott Bay Pizza, Mod Pizza at the Seattle Center’s Armory, old-school Olympia, the upscale take-and-bake, Zaw, year-old Rock and New York Pizza.

Recently joining this lineup is The Masonry, a 39-seat, wood-fired pie spot at 20 Roy Street. It features a whole bunch of craft beers--and Rainier, too--as well as tap wine selections and cider and a veteran of Café Lago in the kitchen crafting classic pies and seasonal stuff. (I’ll have the lobster mushroom pizza, with a side of house-pickled veggies please!)

The Masonry is strictly for grownups, as it’s 21 and over only, which sets it apart from the rest of family-friendly Queen Anne. And the prices are downright reasonable. The Margherita is $11, with salads ringing up at $4 during the lunch hour.

It’s open daily, from 11:30 until midnight, and there's a pretty good bet that the TVs will be tuned to sports, whether local or around the globe.