Ready, Set, Go: Project Runway Casting

Season 12 (and 11) contestant Kate Pankoke making it work in a recent episode

It’s that time again: Project Runway is casting for season 13. The application deadline is September 9 for what will likely be a complete and total roller coaster of an experience should you be accepted. (Get all the deets here.)

Portland’s had their fair share of winners (I met Michelle Lesniak Franklin last weekend, we’re totally besties now, not really, but she’s super cool), and while we've had plenty of contestants in the show, I think it’s time Seattle had a winner. (Seth Aaron Henderson is technically from Washington state, but seems to identify as a Portland designer since he’s in Vancouver, so he doesn’t really count as a Seattle winner, IMHO.)

Who’s up for the challenge? Carole? Francisco? Cameron?



C'mon peeps, let's represent.