Reasons to Miss Ichiro

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News broke yesterday that beloved Mariners player Ichiro Suzuki has been traded to the New York Yankees. The announcement spurred a mix of bitterness and speculation in our offices yesterday—and, of course, nostalgia. From food writer Leslie Kelly: "As a longtime, diehard M's fan, my heart breaks at this revolting development. I know it's a major league baseball is a business, but, darn it, would the Yankees ever even consider trading Jeter? No! It's going to be a bitter pill to swallow when I go to the game and see Ichiro Suzuki wearing the dreaded Yankees uniform. I will drink a toast and wish him well, but boy, oh boy, will I miss I-CHI-RO!" Here's what else we'll miss when Ichiro is gone:

1. His magical ability to turn what should be a regular groundout into a base hit.

2. The bus loads of Japanese fans taking photos of well, everything related to him at the stadium, even outside of baseball season. (Update: According to Seattle Times, this is no joke.)

3. The "Ichiroll" sushi roll! (If they decide to stop serving it.)

4. That bow-and-arrow pre-batting ritual...thing.

5. All of the stretching. Alllll of it.

6. The way he dove for balls in the outfield.*

*May contain notes of sarcasm.

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