Refreshing Summer "Mocktails"

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Who doesn't love sitting by the pool with a fruity cocktail on a hot summer's day? It's hard for us to imagine a better afternoon, but it's pretty much impossible to have a yummy-looking drink in hand without the kids begging for a sip.

Make everyone in the family happy by creating one of these delicious mocktails. From smoothies to sangria (all virgin, of course!), Red Tricycle has you covered.

Peach Queen (shown above)
Your kids will call you the queen of peaches after you make them this tasty drink. Freshly squeezed peaches and a splash of orange juice and ginger ale combine to make a natural  mocktail that pays homage to the in-season fruit.

Summer Pineapple Strawberry Cooler
This yummy drink balances the sweetness of pineapple juice and fresh strawberries with tart limeade concentrate and fizzy club soda. With a fresh fruit garnish and your feet in the pool, this cooler will get you into Hawaii relaxation mode in no time.

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