Restaurant Titans Team Up to Open ‘Tavern Hall’ in Bellevue Square This Summer

Julien Perry
Tavern Hall coming to Bellevue Square

The brothers behind Cactus restaurants (Marc and Bret Chatalas) are partnering with the duo behind Von Trapp’s, Bastille, Poquitos and Stoneburner (James Weimann and Deming Maclise) to bring Tavern Hall to Bellevue.

The 9,500-square-foot restaurant is taking over the former Munchbar space, just off the sky bridge connecting Lincoln and Bellevue Squares. It’s being described as a casual hangout spot where everyone is welcome. Says Bret Chatalas:

"This is exactly the kind of restaurant I’ve always thought was missing from downtown Bellevue. This one-off entertainment driven concept will appeal to those looking for something casual, fun, and different. The space itself is going to be really distinctive and unlike anything that has ever been on the Eastside. This will be a Seattle dining experience tailored for a clientele on the Eastside."

Tavern Hall will offer 20 beers on tap, a cocktail program, and a menu best described as “upscale comfort food” dotted with things like wings, hearth-baked pretzels, hand-cut ahi nachos, flatbread and a killer Tavern Hall burger (so the guys say). There will also be beer tastings, weekend brunch, and special dinners (think Sunday Supper and Spaghetti Night).

As for the décor, it seems the place will have the magic touch of Weimann and Maclise, who are no strangers to glamming up a space with antiques and other scouted rare items. Collected thus far: original lanterns from Coney Island, Church windows from Portland, a giant clock from Buenos Aires, and an entire facade from a former psychiatric hospital in upstate New York. There will be several fire places, shuffle board tables, televisions for game day, and enough seating for 300 people.

“Our goal is to create an honest tavern with a comfortable, casual, and communal warmth where everyone is welcome,” says Weimann.

Though the two teams are sort of competitors in the game of Mexican food (Poquitos vs. Cactus), Marc Chatalas says collaborating was “our best chance at creating something special.”  Days after signing a lease for the space, the brothers lost their architect/designer and needed to quickly fill the void. “We knew we had to create a space that would be incredibly compelling—reaching for iconic—and we’ve long thought that James and Deming were creating the most interesting restaurant spaces in Seattle, period.”

Tavern Hall is aiming for a summer opening. It's a safe bet they'll be updating their progress on Facebook and Twitter