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The dos and don'ts of this classic Chinese meal

The executive chef at Thompson Seattle hotel restaurant, Scout PNW, has long-standing appreciation for the taboo. Check out INKed, a one-night-only collaborative dinner on March 7 that combines his love of food and tattoos.

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What’s better than birthday cake on your birthday? Birthday cake on someone else’s birthday, which covers an additional 364 days.

The new breed of over-the-top sundaes built for two (or more)

Forget the pie—when Tim Richter was a kid, he’d peel the skin off ruby rhubarb stalks, straight from the field, and pour sugar down the scooped center. “That was it,” he says. “That was our Sour Patch [Kids]!”

Inventive waterfront seafood dining, courtesy of the folks from Matt's in the Market

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