4 New Seattle-area Restaurants You Must Try in November 2019

In today’s dining scene, it’s hard to keep up with restaurant openings. But it’s our job (and our pleasure) to do just that. Here are a few new places worth checking out

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Chinatown–International District
Seattle’s love affair with doughnuts shows no sign of slowing, with the most recent example being a boom in mochi, or rice flour, doughnuts, which have a chewier texture than their cakey and yeasted counterparts. Grab these creative bubble-shaped rings at the Dochi kiosk inside Uwajimaya.

Armistice Coffee and Cocktails
Opened this summer near the future location of the Roosevelt light rail station, this upscale coffee concept draws connoisseurs of coffee and alcohol to this all-day café—the best sort of “work from home” spot.

Local 360
This Belltown restaurant, built upon the idea of sourcing ingredients within a 360-mile radius of the city, now offers a multicourse, plant-based tasting menu Wednesday–Saturday.

Champagne Diner
Damn the Weather, one of Pioneer Square’s best cocktail bars, has also long been appreciated for its food. This sister spot, which opened this summer, ups the ante by getting fancy with diner fare, such as tuna melts and meatloaf dinners.

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