Runway2street: Online International Fashion Boutique Launches

The GTS Bordeaux from Anne Sylvain, $1903

If you live in the US, the UK, Canada or India and crave cutting edge fashion from up and coming indie designers from around the world, Seattle-based Runway2street is your new go-to site.

Launched today, February 19, by former Microsoft product manager director Rathna Sharad, Runway2street offers full collections from 37 designers representing 17 countries, including two local designers, Adicora swimwear and Anne Sylvain leather goods, shoes from France, clothing from London, jewelry from Italy and India and much more.

“We have carefully curated the brands that are featured on Runway2street to ensure that our customers are experiencing only the most stylish, cutting edge and unique fashions from around the world,” said Rathna Sharad, from the press release. “We want women to truly experience the range of the brands by showcasing the entire collections of the designers we work with. This means we look for very strong, wearable collections and not just a few standout pieces.”

Runway2street is an exciting online marketplace, showcasing all the cool and interesting things that emerging designers are doing around the world and is a great opportunity for the designers to gain exposure to an international clientele.