Cracking open the Northwest’s manna from heaven

Best spots to slurp and sample your way through our regional bivalves

Few of our outstanding regional foods reflect a taste of place quite like oysters do.

You love eating at Seattle's sublime restaurants, but where should you head to pick up fresh seafood to cook at home?

If Seattle had a fish mascot, it would be salmon. We catch it, grill it, cure it and love the fishers to the north who bring it to market.

Seattle is a seafood town—but it’s not only because we’re surrounded by water.

Our creative duos prove that odd couples can make the most interesting dinner companions

Unlike our compatriots in the eastern regions of the country, Northwesterners typically add no spice (beyond salt) to the pot when boiling crab for a feast.

Our cold winter months mean it’s oyster season. Slurp some down at Seattle's oyster and raw bars.