Seattle Business Magazine Weighs in on the City’s Fashion Status

Nationally, we take flack for our supposed lack of fashion sense here in the Emerald City (cue the fleece and socks n’ sandals jokes). But as we’ve seen over the past five years of our Seamless in Seattle fashion design competition here at Seattle mag, the city is fairly bursting with talented designers out to change that view.

People are taking note: Last year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked Seattle fourth in the nation—behind New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively—as having the most designers per capita. In other words, we are talent hub, and there are over 50,000 local fashion-related jobs backing that statement up.

This month, our sister publication Seattle Business dives into the history and business side of the fashion scene and asks: Do we indeed have the resources to become a major player on a national level? And with companies like Filson, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahama and Nordstrom all in our backyard, the outlook looks bright.

It’s a fascinating read, click on through for more, plus get my picks for the Seattle designers you must know about in the sidebar.

(Are you a designer yourself? Don’t miss the week’s big news: The 2012 Seamless in Seattle competition details and submission dates are now available!)

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