Seattle Magazine Gets the First Official Taste of the Ben & Jerry's Seattle-Themed Ice Cream Flavor

The yet-to-be-named Seattle-inspired ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's asked us to be the lucky bunch to taste--for the first time ever--the new Ben & Jerry's Seattle-inspired ice cream flavor. So what does Seattle taste like in frozen form? Drum's a vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and Caffe Vita-infused Theo Chocolate with a caramel drizzle. As for the name, said ice cream flavor remains nameless, but we're told one potential option swirling about is Sweetness in Seattle. (Meh.) Stay tuned for an official name update.

But here's the rub...our city's flavor will not be for sale. Ever. If you want to taste this vanilla-and-chocolatey treat, head to Theo Chocolate in Fremont on Friday, September 13, from 5 to 7 p.m. The Ben & Jerry's truck will be parked outside Theo Chocolate--Jerry, himself, to make a special appearance!--doling out gratis scoops of our fab flavor.