Seattle Opera’s ‘Tales of Hoffmann’ Opens, Mexican Restaurants for Cinco De Mayo and Tilth’s Edible Plant Sale

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Ceramicist Kathy Venter's life-sized nude sculptures at BAM

Must See
Seattle Opera’s Tales Of Hoffmann Opens

(5/3 to 5/17, times vary) — Seattle Opera’s season finale concerns a poet who experiences tragic love with a robot-doll, a soprano of delicate constitution and a devious courtesan—or at least that’s what he tells his drinking buddies. Spoiler alert: This time, it’s poetry that conquers all.

Must Celebrate
The Best Mexican Restaurants in Seattle

For Cinco de Mayo, let’s put the complaint that Seattle doesn’t have good Mexican food to rest—one restaurant at a time.

Must Gift
Get a Custom-Crafted Silhouette at Issaquah’s Small Threads

Wednesday (5/7, times vary) — Distinctive, striking—and, ahem, a perfect Mother’s Day gift—custom-crafted silhouettes are like snapshots from another era. Find Kerry Cook, the artist behind the crafty wonders, at Small Threads for Kids in Issaquah on Wednesday, May 7. Be sure to make an appointment beforehand!

Must Go East
Free First Fridays at BAM

Friday (5/2, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.) — The Bellevue Arts Museum opens its doors for free on the first Fridays of each month. Take advantage of May’s free day to view current exhibits such as Fragile Fortress, featuring Dan Webb’s surreal sculpture carved from maple and fir, and life-sized nude sculptures (some suspended midair) by ceramicist Kathy Venter.

Must Shop
Tilth’s Edible Plant Sale

(5/3 to 5/4, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) — Wheel your red wagon to Wallingford’s Meridian Park for Tilth’s Edible Plant Sale, where you can satisfy your green thumb (both of them!) with an array of veggies, herbs, edible flowers and other warm-season crops such as tomatoes and squash.