September 2010

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The Style Guide

Where Seattle's best dressed shop

Brangien Davis
Our indispensable guide to autumn arts tells you what to see--and how to do it yourself
Kate Calamusa and Lauren Lynch
2010’s hottest local up-and-coming fashion designers
Kate Calamusa and Michelle LaFrance
From the uptown urbanite to the Northwest fleecester, from the retro glam-bot to the chic-y geek-ste
Allison Austin Scheff
Chef Kevin Davis has come full circle, with off balance results.
Maria Dolan
Local schools are bringing green education out of the books and onto the campus
Eran Afner
Local librarian and literary critic Nancy Pearl goes global with her new book
Karen West
Although previous attempts have failed, in November Washington voters will have a double shot at get
Elizabeth M. Economou
For patients seeking to get well and for athletes seeking personal bests, a new local fitness center
Knute Berger
Seattle Center was born in the Space Age, but as it approaches its 50th anniversary, the issues are
Sally James
More than a visual reminder of its altruism, the Gates Foundation’s new campus may do for Seattle w