6 Stunning Jewelry Pieces to Wear Now 金点子:6款最惊艳珠宝

人们说太平洋西北区的前程光明灿烂。 以下这些亮闪闪的珠宝可以为此佐证。 They say the future is bright for the Pacific Northwest. Here is the bling to prove it.

今年,彰显个性的“宣言珠宝”大热,那么为何不戴上这款Turgeon Raine打造的黄金加钻石手镯来跟着风靡一把呢?416颗耀眼切钻镶嵌在18K黄金之间,回头率妥妥的。售价23,250美元。Turgeon Raine有售, downtown, 1407 5th Ave.; 206.447.9488, turgeonraine.com. 

这对18K玫瑰金枝形耳环由荣获CDFA(美国时尚设计师协会)奖的设计师Irene Neuwirth打造,既可搭配休闲装扮,亦可佩戴其出席隆重的晚宴;售价2,620美元。Marios有售,市中心,1513 6th Ave.; 206.223.1461; marios.mitchellstores.com

如果有人善妒,她一定会时时牵念着这对由18K白金、80颗绝美切钻和令人叹为观止的蓝色托帕石打造而成的吊式耳环;售价5,825美元。Turgeon Raine有售downtown, 1407 5th Ave.; 206.447.9488, turgeonraine.com. 

您是否还在寻觅隐藏的瑰宝?到过Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery后就不必再寻寻觅觅了;在这里可以找到来自全球、令人艳羡的珠宝,包括这对来自澳大利亚南海13.7毫米的珍珠耳环,与18K白金和钻石珠联璧合,闪耀非常;售价7,350美元Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery有售, The Shops at the Bravern, 700 110th Avenue NE, Suite 250; 425.449.8332; hollyzhang.com 

有时,简单却可致远,比如这款不对称钻石项链,由东向西缀有祖母绿切钻,光彩夺目;售价11万美元。Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler有售, Bellevue, 305 Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393; agjeweler.com. 

这款优雅而实用的“Twenty~4”不锈钢腕表由Patek Philippe(百达翡丽)推出,镶嵌着钻石和镀金罗马数字,是适用所有场合的完美配饰;售价12,140美元。Turgeon Raine售,downtown, 1407 5th Ave.; 206.447.9488, turgeonraine.com.

这款出自意大利设计者Roberto Coin之手、镶嵌黑玉钻石的18K玫瑰金手镯给腕上饰品重叠搭配赋予了新意;小款售价11,500美元,大款售价14,750美元。Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler独家有售Bellevue, 305 Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393; agjeweler.com. 

Bright Idea

These 18K rose gold chandelier earrings, $2,620, by the CDFA-award winning Irene Neuwirth, will dress up any casual ensemble or add a touch of glam to your night out. Available at Marios, downtown, 1513 6th Ave; 206.223.1461; marios.mitchellstores.com. 

If someone was ever blue with envy they would be staring at this pair of drop earrings, $5,825, crafted with 18K white gold, 80 round brilliant cut diamonds and showstopping blue topaz. Available at Turgeon Raine Jewelers, downtown, 1407 5th Ave; 206-447-9488; turgeonraine.com 

Looking for hidden gems? You won’t have to go far after visiting the Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery where you will find coveted spheres from around the world including these 13.7mm Australian South Sea Pearl earrings, $7,350, accented with 18K white gold and diamonds. Available at Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery, The Shops at the Bravern, 700 110th Avenue NE, Suite 250; 425.449.8332; hollyzhang.com. 

Sometimes the simple things make the greatest impact such as this dazzling asymmetrical diamond necklace, $110,000, that features emerald cut diamonds that are set east to west. Available at Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler, Bellevue, 305 Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393; agjeweler.com 

The elegant, yet functional, “Twenty~4” stainless steel watch, $12,135, by Patek Philippe imbued with diamonds and gold covered Roman numerals making it the ideal piece to be worn on all occasions. Available at Turgeon Rainedowntown, 1407 5th Ave; 206.447.9488; turgeonraine.com

Arm candy takes on a new meaning in these 18K rose gold bangles adorned with black jade diamonds, small: $11,500, large: $14,750, by Italian designer Roberto Coin. Exclusive to Alvin Goldfarb JewelerBellevue, 305 Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393; agjeweler.com 

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