Splendid Avenue's Chic Swedish Style

The sky is gray, but that doesn't mean you have to be dreary. This Ilse Jacobsen raincoat is the antidote to the fall blahs.

Ballard’s not the only place to find Scandinavian style with a Pacific Northwest nod. Splendid Avenue, a charming web shop owned by Swedes Monika and Ewa (they prefer to keep things on a first name basis), stocked with fine quality Northern European goods, for home and body, provides shoppers with high style and a classic edge. 

Launched in December 2010 as an extension of Monika’s design blog, a perusal through Splendid Avenue is like walking down a quaint street in Stockholm populated with beautiful women looking effortlessly chic. Even Ilse Jacobsen’s tall rain boots and raincoats in a rainbow of great colors, are as stylish as they are functional.

Recycled African glass beaded jewelry by Swedish designer Asa Daxberg is chunky and organic, equally striking when paired with a boho day look or a sleek dress for evening. And the slouchy style of Bellevue’s Jarbo makes comfort cool, with extra long tee shirts, cocoon-like ponchos and flattering dresses with forgiving pin tucks in a variety of muted shades.

While it doesn't exactly boast bargain rack prices, Splendid Avenue is where you go for high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time and keep looking good for years.