Thirsty? Drink Seattle App Finds the Best Bars Close to You

A.J. Rathbun
Access A.J. Rathbun's brilliant bar and cocktail knowledge any time with the Drink Seattle app

If you’re someone who likes bars and cocktails, and you live in or are visiting Seattle, there’s a new app that you must download posthaste. Drink Seattle: A Spirited Journey Through Seattle Bars and Cocktails with A.J. Rathbun (yes, A.J. is me, but trust me when I say you’ll love it) is a mere $1.99 and has more than 50 of my reviews of top cocktails spots, worthy watering holes, delicious dives, swell distilleries and a couple helpful cocktail supply stores for when you want to make drinks at home.
Drink Seattle app
Beyond reviews, the app uses its GPS magic to find your location, and then shows you which of the above Rathbun-reviewed places is close by. You can zoom in or out, too, if you want to narrow down your search or expand it. If the map view is too overwhelming, switch to a list to view all the nearest drinking spots. Drink Seattle also shows each place’s hours of operation, a few photos and provides links to their websites, so finding the finest drinking in Seattle is a (Bay) breeze.

To help ensure that you, my thirsty reader, are never without a creative cocktail or tall cold beer no matter where you are in our fair city, I’ll be updating Drink Seattle with new bars, lounges, spirits makers and more. Check out the Drink Seattle app and make all your drinking dreams come true.