Today's Mossback Monday: Goofed Up Gun Meltdown, the Bursting Cupcake Bubble and Bigfoot's Alleged Demise

Knute Berger
Cupcake seattle
Save the cupcakes: Is the omnipresent dessert on the way out?

Special session begins. Not sure what's so "special"--it's the 41st one since 1981.

Mayor's Race:
Ed Murray might have trouble raising revenues in Olympia, but raising money for his mayor's race? No problem.

Mike McGinn's goofs on gun meltdown, but turning rifles and revolvers into rebar is a better idea than "peace plaques" anyway. Pistols become apodments!


Big week ahead in Sonics saga.

An actual, real Sonic is returning to Seattle.

Seattle, be warned: the frosting is off the cupcake bubble. Will a federal bailout follow?

Redneck Report:
Hunter claims to have killed Bigfoot in Texas. The bait? What big hairy guy can resist a rack of ribs?

America in Decline:

Social Security office says that boy's names "Major," "King," and "Messiah" are rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. Since upward mobility has ended, ego inflation is all we have left for our kids.

Tip of the Day:
Never drink anything that can mask the flavor of Raid--especially if it's from your ex.

No Kidding:
Headlines that state the obvious.

Isn't every week Beer Week?