From Uganda with Love: Sseko Sandals

Anything is possible with a pair of Sseko sandals

Sseko (say-ko) Designs is a Uganda-based, philanthropically motivated accessory company created by Portland's Liz Forkin Bohannon, whose chic leather sandals with interchangeable fabric straps are made by Ugandan woman, recent secondary school graduates, looking for ways to make money to go on to university.

These woman, who would not have the chance to develop professional careers were it not for Sseko, spend nine months making sandals, with 50 percent of their salaries going towards tuition. Bohannon and her team have graduated three classes of woman, all of whom are currently pursuing their college degrees.

sseko sandal

In addition to these amazing sandals, the company also makes great leather tote bags and clutches—all produced in Uganda in the spirit of supporting underserved women struggling to make a difference for themselves and their families.

sseko tote

Sseko products are available online and, if their website is up-to-date, at Dream in Fremont, but that’s not confirmed at the moment. If you’re so motivated, you can help the cause by hosting a Sseko party with your friends (details here), or urge your favorite local shop to pick up the line so we have more places to shop Sseko in Seattle.

sseko clutch