Vertical Garden Art at Ballard Floral Shop Midnight Blossom

Maria Dolan
Living wall art at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. You can now pick up your own "living art" at Ballard's Midnight Blossom

In the April issue I reported on the vertical gardening trend currently climbing Seattle walls. Now Ballard floral design, plant and gift shop Midnight Blossom is offering its arty take on the trend with tillandsia (air plant) wall gardens (like the one pictured above).

They’re “living art,” Amoreena Herbage told me by phone. She’s one-half the Midnight Blossom duo, who makes the gardens along with her woodworker husband Matt. The tillandsia come off the wall for watering, leaving your paint safe from seepage. Prices start at $145 or the pair will make custom walls to suit a space. My story has more on Midnight Blossom and other local businesses working the trend. 

Living wall display at Midnight Blossom (photo by Amoreena Herbage)