Vintage Shopping for the Mariner’s Turn Back the Clock Night Poster

M's poster
Mariner's Mike Zunino and Brad Miller getting in character

It’s rare that you will see a sports-themed blog post from me, but I wanted to share a recent styling project I and the Seattle mag promo team worked on for the Mariners, mostly for the vintage shopping aspect, but also to urge you to purchase tickets for this game, on Saturday, May 24, so you can pick up a commemorative poster, which is the fruit of this project.

Every year, the Mariners go old school to a bygone era for Turn Back the Clock Day at Safeco Field and for the last few years Seattle mag has helped create the poster that the first 20,000 fans through the doors get. This year the vintage inspiration was Starsky & Hutch, a quintessential television show of the late 1970s and was tasked with dressing catcher Mike Zunino as Starsky (originally played by Paul Michael Glaser) and shortstop Brad Miller as Hutch (originally played by David Soul) in ’70s style. Those of you who remember the original show (or even those of you who just know it as the movie with Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson) know that both Starsky and Hutch had their own uniquely recognizable looks (Starsky’s casual Cowichan sweater and bell bottom jeans and Hutch’s more pulled together leather jacket and turtleneck), so to be authentic—and for the poster to work—I had to capture those looks perfectly.

The gauntlet had been thrown. I headed to three of my fave vintage shops: Lucky Vintage, Red Light Vintage and Costume (both in the U District) and Pioneer Square’s Bon Voyage Vintage to see what they had. I gleaned early on that finding a pair of perfectly faded bellbottoms to fit Mike Zunino (dude’s a catcher) was a dead end (I used a pair of boot cut denim from Nordstrom) and focused instead on hunting for the right tops. I cinched the victory when I found the perfect sweater at Lucky and the perfect leather jacket at Bon Voyage—it was an indescribable feeling of relief and triumph—one my fellow thrifting treasure hunters can understand perfectly.

See you at the game.