We Asked The Chefs: What's Your Favorite Warm-Weather Pleasure?

Julien Perry
Chefs favorite summer pleasures
Top row: Jason Wilson, Brendan McGill, Jason Stoneburner, Mark Klebeck. Bottom row: Mike Easton, Angie Roberts, Jack Timmons, Mutsuko Soma

Welcome to We Asked The Chefs, a recurring feature on Restaurant Insider that peers into the minds of some of Seattle's culinary rockstars. 

Question: What is your favorite warm-weather pleasure?

Jack Timmons, Jack's BBQ
"You know what we've done lately? Get fried chicken (Ezells, Bourbon and Bones, Skillet) and rent an electric boat at Lake Union. Cruise around, so fun!"

Mutsuko Soma, Miyabi 45th
"Cold noodles. Hiyashi chūka. I get it from Uwajimaya or sometimes I go to Kukai to eat this—they have this dish for summertime only. I have the soba version at Miyabi with big chyasyu pork."

Mike Easton, Il Corvo
"Top of the list: Three-dozen oysters, a bottle of rose and sitting on the beach watching my daughter play in the sand. I even have a special insulated oyster bag I use quite a bit in the summer. Near the top of the list is the patio at Ray’s."

Jason Wilson, Crush, Miller's Guild
"As a tradition, our family makes lemon verbena coolers and roasts mussels in our firepit. We have a simple backyard patio and place a cauldron of mussels with fresh herbs- tomatoes- garlic and olive oil into the fire. The lemon verbena comes from the gardens at Crush. We use lemons , sparkling water, honey and a finish of wine for the adults."

Jason Stoneburner, Bastille, Stoneburner
"Apres surf grind! I usually milk my time on the coast after surfing by packing a healthy dinner. Always inspired by the overwhelming abundance of produce at Ballard's farmers market in the summer (truly my favorite place to be). I use crunchy butter lettuce leaves as a vessel and fill them with an array of grilled and marinated vegetables. No less than three condiments for dipping, from spicy as hell to sweet and herbaceous. Think hippy thali all washed down with vino verde. Nothing screams surf punks like lettuce wraps and vinho verde!"

Brendan McGill, Hitchcock, Altstadt
"All summer long, I take every chance I can to cook outside. Fire up the Weber, step out onto the patio, grill or smoke poultry, fish and meat. I always use natural and solid fuels, and round the meal out with lots of fresh vegetables from the garden or the farmers market -- raw lettuces, roast potatoes and steamed greens. Favorite meals: paella with rabbit, chorizo and mussels, ice cold vinho verde rosé."

Angie Roberts, Marination
"Bud Light Lime, because it's really refreshing. It’s hard to find in a can, which I feel keeps it colder. The AM/PM in Georgetown tends to have it in a can. Same with the the QFC on Broadway. But I’ve been known to drive to three or four places in a day trying to find it."

Mark Klebeck, co-founder, Top Pot Doughnuts
"My favorite warm weather things are: barbecuing a salmon filet out back with a soy brown sugar glaze, rosemary and garlic.  My warm weather drink one Sun Liquor produces:  Sun Liquor vodka, pomegranate shrub, lemon squeeze, ice and a float of a nice ginger beer."