Where to Eat in Capitol Hill if You're Not Going to the Big Block Party

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This would be the weekend to avoid (most of) Capitol Hill if you aren't into crowds. The crazy, three-day hipster-filled bash that is the Capitol Hill Block Party begins tomorrow, so expect the Pike/Pine corridor to be teeming with swarms of sweaty, music-loving revelers. (If you do need a ticket, go here. Single-day passes are still up for grabs.)

But what if you're hungry? And what if, like me, you can't help but think: Poquitos! Quinn's! That fizzy cocktail with smoky mezcal that I had one too many of at Tavern Law! The Pike/Pine area calls to me often.

So, instead of heading right into the thick of the action, we editors rounded up our favorite restos that are just outside the block party radius. Herewith, where you should eat in Cap Hill this weekend if you're not joining in on all the crazy fun.

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