12 Awesome Old Prom Photos

Feast your eyes on photos of Seattleites who dressed up and went to the big dance in style

By Research by Kimberly Downing April 20, 2015


This article originally appeared in the May 2015 issue of Seattle magazine.

’Tis the season of limos and corsages, lines out The Cheesecake Factory door and reminiscing about proms past. But while memories can be tricky, and we may fudge a detail here and there, the prom photo never lies. Have a look at these Seattleites decked out in their high school best.

Hail to prom season!

1.  Artist and gallery owner Tariqa Waters, Surrattsville High School, Clinton, Maryland, 1998

2. Q13 political analyst C.R. Douglas, Bellevue High School, 1984

3. Host of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy, née Nancy Harris, Queen Anne High School, 1978

4. KING-5 News co-anchor Lori Matsukawa, Aiea High School, Honolulu, 1972

5. Guidebook author and TV travel show host Rick Steves, Edmonds High School, 1970

6. Seattle City Council member Jean Godden, Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia, 1950s

7. Arts and culture editor Brangien Davis, South Lakes High School, Reston, Virginia, 1986

8. Anna Banana, owner of Pretty Parlor, Cretin-Derham Hall High School, St. Paul, MN 1991

9. Jay and Trudi Inslee at an Ingraham High School dance in the 1960s


10. Comedian/writer/speaker John Keister (formerly of The 206 and Almost Live), Franklin High School 1974

11. Assistant Art Director Amanda Hill, Saugus High School, Santa Clarita, California 2009

12. Digital editor Lauren Mang, Green High School, Green, Ohio, 2000


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