3 Seattle Restaurants are Nominees for Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants

| Updated: November 27, 2018

!--paging_filter--pIn a run-up to announcing their Top 10 Best New Restaurants in the country, Bon Appetit a href="http://www.bonappetit.com/restaurants-travel/2013/08/top-new-restaurant-..." target="_blank"has given us a peek at the 50 restaurants they whittled their list from/a. This longer list (from which final 10 will be chosen; look for that list in their a href="http://instagram.com/p/ct6Qs0jYm3/#" target="_blank"huge-looking Best Restaurants Issue/a in September) includes strongthree Seattle restaurants: /stronga href="http://www.seattlemag.com/bar-sajor" target="_blank"Bar Sajor/a (which I review in our upcoming September issue), a href="http://www.seattlemag.com/article/power-two-joule-and-whale-wins" target="_blank"Joule/a, and the a href="http://www.seattlemag.com/article/power-two-joule-and-whale-wins" target="_blank"Whale Wins/a./p
pTo my surprise, a href="http://www.seattlemag.com/article/sensational-middle-eastern-food-mamnoon" target="_blank"Mamnoon/a is not on the list. I said yesterday that I feel it's absolutely one of the best local restaurants to open this year./p
p"Guessing a href="https://twitter.com/bonappetit"@bonappetit/a a href="https://twitter.com/AndrewOKnowlton"@AndrewOKnowlton/a names Mamnoon 1 of country's 10 Best New Restaurants in their Sept issue. What say you, a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Seattlesrc=hash"#Seattle/a?" (@allisonscheff) a href="https://twitter.com/allisonscheff/statuses/365168230504996864"August 7, 2013/a/p
pSo what's your take? Pretty good choices? Or did they miss your favorite new place?/p