Portlandia vs. Seattleopia

A side-by-side comparison of Portlandia skits and Seattle realities.

By Seattle Mag April 1, 2012


This article originally appeared in the May 2012 issue of Seattle magazine.

If you find yourself going into withdrawal waiting for the (just announced) third season of the IFC comedy Portlandia, don’t fret—there’s a live version of the Northwest culture-skewering show going on right now, all over our own city. See for yourself in this side-by-side comparison of Portlandia skits and Seattle realities.



A wife calls in reinforcements to watch her husband (and prevent cereal and YouTube video binges).

With ever watchful eyes peeled on Alki’s wildlife (and frostbitten fingers glued to travel mugs), no seal is left behind on the seal-sitter’s watch.

Smooth movers
Eco-friendly movers use a bike instead of a truck—no carbon footprint, but takes a bit longer.

Honey by bike
Urban Bee Company purveys locally made, organic honey—and delivers it to customers by bicycle.

No Olympics!
A duo traverses the city in protest against even thinking about holding an Olympics in Portland.

No dancing
No matter how much they love the music, Seattle concertgoers won’t give up more than a subtle nod of the head.

Pickle uprising
An entrepreneurial duo will pickle anything. Squash! A carrot! Your belt!

If you’re not with the local canning craze, you’re against it.

Shooting Star Preschool
Cooler-than-thou parents demand education for kids, courtesy of hipster-approved LPs in the library.

Zen Gymboree
Dad just happens to bring his ukulele to playtime to strum ditties for the kiddies.

Militant biker
Loud, proud and vocal about bikers’ rights, man. On your left!

Recumbent biker
Maybe loud, perhaps proud, but who can tell when he’s reclining so close to the ground? On your lower left! Down here!


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