8 Ways to Celebrate Tom Douglas Day

| Updated: November 27, 2018

The head honcho of restaurants in this town is, without a doubt, Tom Douglas. Take it from us, this guy is good. Hence his regular appearances in our pages, most notably on our Most Influential People of 2011 list, not to mention his claiming the number one spot on our inaugural Food Establishmentt list. Oh yeah, and most recently that little James Beard Award thing.

With 12 quality restaurants operating in Seattle (Palace Kitchen, Dahlia Lounge and Brave Horse Tavern among them), plus at least one on the way (that we know about), plus some quality community service, Douglas is not undeserving of the praise.

Clearly our local government agrees, as June 1, 2012 has been proclaimed Tom Douglas Day.

There's even an officious document to mark it (if only we had a town square where such a document could be ceremoniously nailed to a post; guess this blog post will do):

But you can't have a city "holiday" without some established traditions to celebrate it. We've got some ideas:

  • Rub yourself down with salmon oil...but only after you've exfoliated your skin with the salmon rub.
  • Get a perm.
  • Tuck a dahlia behind your ear
  • Hug a farmer
  • Go on a scavenger hunt across the city in which you compete to consume more noodles, dumplings, pizza, pretzels and pastries than your friends, Amazing Race-style
  • Open a restaurant!
  • Buy an enormous whole fish and have your picture taken with it.
  • Buy a bottle of Washington Wine, cook a sustainably sourced meal and share with friends (fast fix: meet at a Tom Douglas restaurant)

While doing all of this, make sure to say to all your loved ones: "Happy Tom Douglas Day!"