Many people have no idea how to find a doctor. They often rely on recommendations from friends or colleagues, or whomever their health system suggests. Personal referrals matter, but, in partnership with Castle Connolly, we’ve created a comprehensive guide of notable doctors throughout the Puget Sound area. For more than two decades, “Seattle” magazine has published a list of the region’s top doctors. None paid to be included. All were nominated by their peers.

Madeleine Smithberg says she feels as if she’s waiting “for the world’s worst acid trip to kick in.”

Smithberg, a cocreator of “The Daily Show,” who moved to Bellevue from New York in 2018, is taking steroids to help treat the breast cancer she was diagnosed with in March. She recently began a 24-week regimen of chemotherapy that won’t end until around Thanksgiving.

Shortly before Nirvana released its epic album “Nevermind,” a publicist for Geffen Records asked the band members how they might define the album’s success. Their answer? An appearance on the cover of “The Rocket.”

It was a dream shared by many local bands.

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I love the sound of my feet crunching barnacles against my soft-soled boots, providing harmony to the melodic whoosh of the tidewater going in and out. I’m on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound, searching for clams to take back to a friend’s beach house, eager to make pasta and clams and wash it down with a glass of cool white wine. As Washingtonians, we love to eat oysters, mussels, clams, crabs and many things of the sea. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to forage for these delicious creatures?

In the islands of Western Washington, breaker waves fall among the calls of seagulls. Quiet trails lie within old-growth forests, in wildflower meadows and on driftwoodcovered shores. These are places where time seems to slow, with schedules dictated only by the tides and the ferries. Washington is home to more than 170 islands, including many reachable only by seaplane or kayak. Fortunately, many accessible islands are home to a vast network of trails, ripe for exploring in the spring and summer months.

By day, Carolyn Sellar looks after apes, primates, lions and tigers. By night, she’s one of the country’s foremost authorities on whiskey.

Sellar, a zookeeper at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, also owns Adventures in Whisky, a Seattle company that has produced hundreds of whiskey-themed events across Washington state. Sellar is also a brand and marketing consultant for both national and local whiskey brands, including The Barrel Thief Wine and Whiskey Bar in Seattle.

If you ordered dessert at a fancy restaurant, and just learned that the insides of a roasted Japanese sweet potato found new life as a mousse, only to be layered with pear compote and glazed with Valrhona white chocolate after being reshaped into its original potato form, would you think it was a mistake?

Garth Stein is the author of several books, including the No. 1 “New York Times” bestselling novel, “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” which spent more than three years on the bestselling list. It has been translated into 38 languages and has spawned a children’s book series, a theatrical adaptation by Seattle’s Book-It Rep, and a major motion picture starring Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Costner. Yet few people know one of the best automotive and human stories ever told was written by a Seattle resident.