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Seattle magazine keeps thousands of readers connected to the best of Seattle every month; it's the most subscribed-to city publication in Washington state! Seattle magazine is the only local magazine relevant to the city's active urbane-minded sophisticates; inspiring our readers to celebrate the creativity and culture of our community and inviting them to engage with their city.

Reader Demographics

Loyal Readers

82% of our readers read the last 4 out of 4 issues
70% of our readers spend ½ hour – 1 ½ hours with each issue
50% of our readers visit a website after seeing an ad in the magazine


Established decision-makers

Female: 74%
Male: 26%
47% range between 35-54 years old



Average household income: $240,000
Average net worth: $1.59M
Average value of home: $645K


Well educated

94% have completed some college
78% have one or more college degrees
33% have graduate degrees

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