50 Things Seattle Gave the World

Looking back on 50 years of Seattle magazine (an evolution that started with Pacific Search, see “The 50-year Evolution of Seattle Magazine“) can be humbling. Amazing inventions, people and ideas have come from the Emerald City. Sure, we have problems to solve. But with many of the best minds in the city charting our future path, there’s plenty of…

Niki Stojnic

In Which We Take a Tour of Amazon’s Headquarters

What did you expect? Books?

In Amazon’s Van Vorst Building, techies relax in easy-chairs and dogs saunter through the lobby

David Volk

Point, Click, Collect has entered the fine art biz

In October, adored and anonymous British street artist Banksy—whose work customarily fetches tens of thousands of dollars—set up a simple stall at New York’s Central Park and offered his own original spray-painted pieces for $60 each. He staffed the booth with a nondescript older man wearing a baseball cap and a vest. No sales happened…

Brangien Davis

Amazon Opens Fine Art Store (Wine and Cheese Not Included)

The Seattle megaretailer is crashing the fine art party

Amazon Fine Art (beta) launched today, right on the heels of the gigantic news that Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post (not a copy of the newspaper, but the entire newspaper). The timing has many people fretting about Bezos becoming king of the world, but until that happens we might as well explore the new…

Brangien Davis

Amazon’s New Kindle Ad Loves Gay Marriage

Seattle-based retail giant just launched a national ad for its Kindle Paperwhite. The star of the ad isn’t the new e-reader, though. It’s the subtle notion presented that gay marriage is a totally benign and normal aspect of life. Oh, and any thinking that defaults to heterosexuality as a norm. Well, that’s sort of…

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