HemaApp: Screening Without the Sting

An app in development screens for anemia without a blood draw

HemaApp: no blood, no fuss

Niki Stojnic

Bruce Pavitt’s New App, 8Stem, Makes You the DJ

Sub Pop's Bruce Pavitt has a new app that puts anyone in the producer's seat

8Stem creative director Bruce Pavitt (foreground) and CEO Adam Farish in their Capitol Hill office: Sub Pop’s 25 million record sales were just a start

Tim Appelo

Validated, a New App, Gets You Around the City for Free

Like many Seattleites, Tov Arneson enjoys the growing riches of restaurants and shops the city offers. But he found that…

Jake Laycock

Health App Encourages Calling it Quits

Tech plus mindfulness helps extinguish smoking

A half-century ago, in the Marlboro Man’s heyday, nearly half of American adults smoked. Far fewer light up today, but…

Malia Jacobson

Tracking Rays With an App

We love our Seattle summers, but fret about all that sudden intense sun exposure. Enter Brightly, an app created by…

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