Datebook: Reggie Watts Amps Up Comedy

Reggie Watts returns to Seattle after electrifying the national comedy scene.

When comedian/musician Reggie Watts begins his act, he might have a British accent—but that won’t last long. Soon his inflection morphs into that of a typical American rapper, or maybe the stentorian tones of a commercial advertiser. You never know what he’ll sound like next, which is all part of his comedic attack plan: Disorient the audience and then bring it to its knees with a hilarious, improvised narrative. Best known locally as the lead singer of Seattle band Maktub, Watts also weaves music—notably his stunning vocal chops—into his comedy, using a machine that instantaneously loops and plays back his voice, to enthralling effect. Already a standout visually, thanks to his impressive Afro and proclivity for tacky-chic sweaters, Watts is fast becoming conspicuous for his unique take on the stand-up genre. Conan O’Brien picked him as the sole opener for his North American tour, and Watts has since appeared on The Conan O’Brien Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and in series on Comedy Central and HBO. And now, he’s here at the newly refurbished Neptune Theatre, performing his peculiar alchemy in the city where he discovered it. 8/21. 8 p.m. $19. Neptune Theatre, 1303 NE 45th St.; 206.682.1414; B.D.