Bar del Corso

A Beacon Hill restaurant good enough to lure folks to this underrated corner of the city.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Jerry Corso may not be a household name quite yet, but to the tight-knit chef crowd, he’s well known and much loved. Chef Corso long worked for someone else—at Betty and The Harvest Vine (among other local spots)—but not anymore: Now, he’s got his eponymous place in his Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Wood-fired pizzas cooked hot and fast arrive with splendid tomato sauce, a pinch of herbs and soft, chewy mozzarella ($9–$12.50). Tender meatballs wear that same sauce ($7), and irresistible fried risotto balls ($5) please the kiddos and their parents.

Plus, there are those easy, breezy cocktails (“fizzes” on the menu, $8). High ceilings and big picture windows facing the street offer a smidge of glamour; this kind of place just hasn’t existed on the south side and, oh boy, has the neighborhood noticed! See those packs of people waiting outside?

They’ll soon be leaning from table to table to say hello, offering to hold each other’s babies, shaking hands with the proud, blushing Corso. The neighborhood has embraced Bar del Corso, and you can taste the mutual adoration in every bite of food.

Beacon Hill
3057 Beacon Ave. S