Explore Snow Country on Fat Bikes

Experience nature’s wintry glory threaded with the childhood joy of biking in the snow.

While we wait (and wait) for spring to arrive, Seattleites head east for blue vistas and shimmering snowfields; plunging into all that mood-lifting whiteness on sleds, snowshoes, skis and, now, on so-called fat bicycles. While bikes with wide, snow-gripping tires have been plying frozen stretches of Alaska for years, this is the first time any of the cross-country ski trails in the Methow Valley have welcomed their ilk. Don’t expect a high-speed adrenaline rush—fat bikes are built for stability, and ideal for snow lovers who don’t like to ski; cross-country skiers looking to mix it up; and mountain bikers who are tired of waiting for the spring melt.

Check trail openings/conditions daily at mvsta.com. Limited fat bike rentals available at Methow Cycle & Sport in Winthrop, $35–$55/four to 24 hours; methowcyclesport.com


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I love the sound of my feet crunching barnacles against my soft-soled boots, providing harmony to the melodic whoosh of the tidewater going in and out.

In the islands of Western Washington, breaker waves fall among the calls of seagulls. Quiet trails lie within old-growth forests, in wildflower meadows and on driftwoodcovered shores.

The rhythmic kick glide of skis on fresh early morning snow provides a beat against my pounding heart. Dawn breaks as I climb up the slope, the sound of semitrucks and commuter traffic roaring below me.

Convenient trips are becoming increasingly popular