Hot Cakes

Delicious, decadent molten chocolate cakes-in-a-jar.

I pity the poor souls who’ve never tasted one of Autumn Martin’s decadent molten chocolate cakes-in-a-jar, baked to an oozy middle and deeply, darkly delicious. The Theo Chocolates (featured in our inaugural Seattle Food Establishment list) alum has been selling her desserts at local farmers markets to much acclaim, and so we’re thrilled to report that next month, somewhere in Ballard (location pending) Martin will debut her first Hot Cakes dessert bar, where a serious sweet tooth will be cured by an array of treats—cookies, brownies, sublime sauces to-go, those chocolate hot cakes, fresh pie and much more—in the evenings and on weekends. A proper place to have dessert for dinner; it’s about time.