Instagram Inspiration: Iced Drinks

Delicious cold drinks for sweltering summer days
| Updated: November 27, 2018

The heat has truly arrived in the city, and let's face it: when that happens, iced drinks are the only thing on our minds. And for good reason, because is it even summer if it doesn't involve at least a few cups of cold brew? We think not. The forecast is predicting sunshine and sky-high temps all through the weekend, so you're gonna need all the cooling you can get.

Put on some shorts, grab your sunglasses and make like these Instagrammers and get yourself a cold drink!

1. Christina Kiara

Instagram: @christinakiara

2. Lynae Cook

Instagram: @lynaecook

3. mmmich3ll3

Instagram: @mmmich3ll3




4. Dave Ciepluch

Instagram: @cieplunchd

5. David Ma

Instagram: @frostickle