Instagram Inspiration: Independent Bookstores

Explore Seattle's many independent bookstores
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Few things evoke such a sense of wonder and possibility as an indpendent bookstore. From Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill to the Queen Anne Book Company to Wallingford's poem emporium Open Books, Seattle is full of them.

Independent bookstores are the understated heart of a city, serving as sources of connection and inspiration, community gathering spaces, and symbols of the lasting personalization of art and literature. Inside, one can discover different worlds, past secrets, future dreams and the answers to almost any question.

These Instagrammers were inspired to capture the magic of the unique spaces and potential of the countless pages.

1. Janice Leadingham

Instagram: @hellohuzzah

2. Alaina Waagner

Instagram: @complaina

3. Lindsay Thurston

Instagram: @lindsayliving

4. Courtney Biggs

Instagram: @courtneyinsea

5. Reuven Nathaniel Pinnata

Instagram: @reuvenathaniel


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