Instagram Inspiration: Urban Paradise

Local architecture worth a double-take
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Getting lost in a concrete jungle can be overwhelming. But in a city full of awe-inspiring architecture, a walk through the urban chaos holds high potential.

With the likes of the Space Needle, Seattle Art Museum, the EMP and the Seattle Public Library, Seattle boasts a cool collection of picture-perfect architectural feats. From wavy rooftops to sharply cut windows, Seattle’s assortment offers a wide range of styles. While these buildings provide a backdrop for our everyday hustle and bustle, they're always worth stopping for.

These Instagrammers can’t help but let Seattle’s structural wonders steal the spotlight.

1. Stefan Klinkowski

Instagram: @sklinkowski

2. Ross Cockrell

Instagram: @rosscockrell

3. Kevin Scott

Instagram: @k7scott Website:

4. Greg Nakata

Instagram: @g.nakata

5. Tim Urpman

Instagram: @tim_urpman Website: timurpmanphoto