Look for Toi Borthwick's Thai Grilling Sauces at Williams-Sonoma

This former Belltown restaurant's sauces are all bottled up

In its prime in 2001, Toi, a Thai restaurant in Belltown, garnered accolades for its authentic curry sauces (including a 2002 story on braised short ribs in Bon Appétit). On weekends, the restaurant employed a bouncer, who managed throngs of people waiting in line for chef Toi Borthwick’s red, green and panang curries.

Borthwick, who ran the restaurant with her family, stirred those sauces so lovingly—and for so long—that she wound up with a torn rotator cuff and a love-hate relationship with the restaurant biz.

It happens.

In 2003, the Borthwicks shuttered the restaurant and in 2005, they started Thaifusions (thaifusions.com), a line of Thai curry and grilling sauces that first sold at Pasta & Co (U Village and Bellevue; pastaco.com), and then at Uwajimaya (multiple locations; uwajimaya.com). Last year, Sur La Table (surlatable.com) picked up the sauces and earlier this year, they became available at  Williams-Sonoma stores (williams-sonoma.com). Try the chile pineapple grilling sauce ($16.95) on pork, as a dipping sauce for dumplings or mixed with your favorite vinegar as a salad dressing.