Lunchtime cravings: Slab Sandwiches & Pie

Inventive, mouthwatering sandwiches-- what more could you want from a lunch spot?

The ideal lunch at Slab Sandwiches & Pie—part of the new Lark conglomer-ate near the busy heart of Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor—is a brisket sandwich ($11), slathered in smoked mayo, with pickled jalapeño peppers and grilled romaine lettuce, shared with someone else.

This is so that you can then eat a warmed-up chocolate and smoked marshmallow slab (rectangular) pie ($6), which you do not share with someone else. This is the gospel truth. You will need copious napkins for this. I suppose another option would be to opt for the open-faced avocado-tomato-ginger-jam sandwich, on grainy farro bread ($7), followed by a peanut butter sandwich cookie ($3), filled with peanut butter cream and rolled in chicharrón bits (that’s right: pork cracklings). This is a different page from the same sandwich bible. It took just a bit longer for Slab, the third of chef/owner John Sundstrom’s trifecta of restaurants under one roof, to open after the big move. (That move, of course, being the relocation and reimagining of Lark from its former Seneca Street home.

Bitter Raw, the loft-area raw bar inside Lark, opened simultaneously with Lark.) But the narrow, compact lunch spot—where co-owner J.M. Enos (also Sundstrom’s wife), can often be found—is worth seeking out. We recommend calling ahead for takeout, as the wait times for sandwiches can be long, and a shady spot in a grassy park is a worthy place for this tasty feast. Capitol Hill, 1201 10th Ave.; 206.323.5275;