Seattle's new pizza restaurants

Chicago and Wisconsin styles top the list of soon-to-open pizzerias
| Updated: November 27, 2018

By the close of 2015, Seattle will be home to a handful of new pizza restaurants. Here’s the not-so-skinny on cheese, crust, and fixins from Frelard to Capitol Hill. Happy early New Year.

Ian’s Pizza on the Hill

What: Small Wisconsin pizza chain doing kooky toppings (think: quesadilla flavors on pizza) and other entree-on-a-pie concepts. All-time bestseller? Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. Yeah.

Where: Capitol Hill, in the old ZPizza space on Broadway

When: August

Why: Because you’ve got to try Smoked Brisket and Tots pizza at least once.

Dino’s Tomato Pie

What: Brandon Pettit, owner of Delancey and Essex, will be serving square, thick-crust pizzas baked in pans at this casual resto with a sit-down bar in back and counter-order spot.

Where: Capitol Hill, at Olive and Denny

When: Fall

Why: Because this is the pizza Pettit grew up eating in New Jersey.

Big Mario’s

What: Naples, Italy native Mario Velloti’s thin-crust New York-style pizza will be served in this dive bar setting that will be open late on weekends.

Where: Lower Queen Anne. His first location is on Capitol Hill.

When: Fall

Why: Because Mario made pizza in all five New York boroughs..and it is so good.

Frelard Pizza Company

What: Ethan Stowell’s newest resto is similar to Ballard Pizza Company -- whole pies plus fat slices, delectable salads and starters -- but with an industrial, summery outdoor setting and really good, loud music.

Where: On the border of Fremont and Ballard, natch

When: Opened in June 2015

Why: Stuff for the kiddos, including toys and a new and very long chalkboard.

This story was updated on November 18, 2015 to reflect the correct spelling of boroughs