Sims Meets Seattle: Recreating the Emerald City in Sims 4

Players of the popular video game have already created plenty of Seattle (and Twilight) content
| Updated: November 27, 2018

The launch of EA Maxis' The Sims 4 in early September may have been met with disappointment by many long-time fans of the popular video game for its lack of basic features (no pools or toddlers) and restrictive movement (loading screens just to take a walk), but that hasn't stopped players from creating and uploading over 2.5 million pieces of customized content to date.

Some of this downloadable content is Seattle-area themed — enough of it, in fact, that you can turn the lush Sim town of Willow Creek into your own version of the Pacific Northwest. Or at least, the beginnings of it.

First, add some star power to your city with the Sim versions of Jimi Hendrix (created by dorkydora), Bruce Lee (DazBones), and Kurt Cobain (orangestripedcat), all famous former residents of the Seattle area.

Seattle-area celebrities in Sims 4

The martial arts equipment from Sims 3 hasn't made into Sims 4 yet, but Bruce can perfect his sidekick on the punching bag. Or one of the Twilight characters.

These West Seattle residents (forestsentiani) add some quirky realism, and someone to fawn over the celebrities.

Sims 4 - West Seattle residents

Lastly, you can round out the town's population with characters from some famous TV shows and movies set in the Pacific Northwest, such as the Botwins from Weeds (simmering123), Dr. Frasier Crane and friends (Pugbecki), the Seattle Grace doctors from Grey's Anatomy (Spa194), and, of course, everyone from Twilight (vsebesit).

Sims 4 - The Botwins from Weeds

Sims 4 - Frasier characters

Sims 4 - Grey's Anatomy characters

Sims 4 - Twilight Characters

A town full of drug dealers, doctors and vampires — what could go wrong?

Speaking of Twilight, there's more than one version of the movie's well-known Forks, WA home available, including this Cullen House (KGTkaT).

Sims 4 - Twilight house

Plenty of other Twilight content is available to download, as well (demon baby and thinly-veiled abstinence metaphors not included).

There are also a few less-famous Seattle-themed homes, like this bungalow (MissyDammit) and mansion (CW-Piccolo).

 Sims 4 - Seattle bungalow

Sims 4 - Seattle Mansions

Neither will be showcased on Curbed Seattle anytime soon, but they'll tide you over while you create your own waterfront mansion or cabin in the woods.

No Pacific Northwest re-creation would be complete without a 12th Man House (PinkPanties1), billed as a "Massive bachelor pad themed for the ultimate Seattle Seahawks fan!" (With the way this season's going, the Seahawks can use all the fan support they can get.)

Sims 4 - 12th Man House

Of course you'll want to place a Starbucks (crazy4thesims) somewhere, for authenticity. 

Sims 4 - Starbucks

Finally, build a few sprawling generic corporate buildings and call them Microsoft or Amazon, and you're in busines! Just watch out for drones and striking workers.

Happy(ish) Seattle simming!


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