Spaetzle Occasion at Feierabend

Käsespätzle mit zwiebel-buttersosse anyone?

German brats that pop and burst with meaty juices, hoppy pilsners and citrusy wheat beers are what draw many of us to South Lake Union’s convivial German pub. And with tender schnitzel and warm, soft pretzels showing off, it’s easy to overlook the humble Käsespätzle mit zwiebel-buttersosse at Feierabend, or spaetzle with onion-butter sauce, fresh sage and a light sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. But, oh my, this is winter food at its finest: the shaggy, irregularly shaped handmade noodles are fun to eat, the simple butter sauce a thin blanket, and tiny pockets of cheese that create satisfying noodle clumps. It’s not showy, certainly not fancy, but it sure tastes great.

Lunch and dinner daily. South Lake Union, 422 Yale Ave N; 206.340.2528;